What is SupportAerie?
SupportAerie is an open source support script. It blends the idea of a normal contact form together with a ticketing system to create the only support script you will ever need to satisfy your customers. Customers are after simplicity and an an easy to use interface, and SupportAerie can provide those necessities for the customer. A lot of the support scripts available today offer 'too much', and customers often complain about not being able to create support requests etc properly due to the complexity of today's support scripts. SupportAerie only provides the customer with what he/she needs, making SupportAerie one of the best and easiest to use support scripts of today's technological generation. SupportAerie can also generate an estimated reply date so the customer knows when he/she should expect the reply to his/her support request. Why go for more, when less is good? SupportAerie offers visual animated instructions; so if the customer has done something wrong, he/she knows about it and how to fix it. Best of all, SupportAerie is 100% free! It's even open source, meaning that the community can get involved with the project by creating new updates, modifications etc. You can't beat the price!

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